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Montessori: A Unique Teaching Technique For The Independent Preschooler

Is your child about to start preschool? Are you worried that sitting at a desk all day and being asked to complete certain tasks won't mesh well with their adventurous and independent nature? If so, it may be in your child's best interest to search for a pre-kindergarten program that practices the Montessori educational approach. Read on to learn more. The Basic Concepts Of Montessori The Montessori educational approach encompasses the idea that every child develops at his or her own pace. Read More 

Discipline And The Way It Is Handled At Private Schools Vs. Public Schools

Making the choice to send your kids to private school is a great decision for many families. While it may cost more to do this, your kids may also get a better education, as well as many other benefits. One key difference between public and private schools is the way discipline is handled, and this might be an important factor to you. Here are three things you should know about discipline, and the ways public and private schools handle it. Read More 

4 Good Reasons To Get Your Wife Aviation Lessons

Whether for a birthday, an anniversary, or just because you're in the mood, giving a gift to your wife offers the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for sharing her life with you. Why not show that appreciation in a way that lets her learn specialized skills, discover new things about herself, and let off some steam at the same time? It just so happens that a paid enrollment for aviation college classes fits the bill effectively. Read More