Make A Sensory Board To Help Your Preschooler Learn About Colors, Textures, And Shapes

Help your preschooler learn about colors, textures, and shapes by creating a sensory board by completing the project below. The sensory board will keep your child entertained while playing alone and can also provide you with a valuable teaching tool when you would like to sit down with your child and discuss the items on that are displayed across the board. Materials plywood sandpaper hand sander tack cloth newspaper sheets bright-colored paint paintbrush craft glue carpet squares (various colors and types) utility knife metal hooks power drill yarn rope scissors foam shapes stencils stickers Sand And Paint The Plywood Read More 

Learn How To Choose A Great Summer Camp For Your Autistic Child

If you have an autistic child, it may be hard to find fun things for them to do during the summer because of their specific needs. If you want to be sure that your child is able to have as much fun as possible during their next summer, consider sending them to summer camp. Many summer camps are now making accommodations to meet the special needs of autistic children. The following guide provides you with a few things to look for when choosing a summer camp for your autistic child. Read More 

5 Ways Day Care Strengthens Kids

All parents experience at least a small amount of trepidation at the thought of sending their little ones off to day care. Fortunately, the day care experience is mostly positive, especially with today's families being smaller than ever before, meaning that many children are lacking social interaction with their peers -- in other words, playmates.  Following are five major advantages of modern day care programs. Strengthened Immune Systems One of the major concerns many parents have about introducing their preschool age child to a day care situation is that the child will come down with all manner of contagious illnesses. Read More